Mission Outreach

We Want to Help but Don’t Know What We Can Do

I know that many of you are feeling as helpless as I feel when it comes to being able to help those who are truly suffering as a result of the need for social distancing. Our missions such as God’s Bathhouse, manna bags, mats for the homeless, etc. have come to a halt yet there are still people out there who really need these services. So, what can we do?  
  1. The Neighborhood Center is asking for the community’s help to keep up with the spike in demand for its services, because of the coronavirus crisis that has put so many Volusia County  residents out of work. In addition to the drive-up food pantry the Neighborhood Center is now delivering food to low-income seniors. This new program is called Neighbors on Wheels.  There are several things we can do to help. Can donations are most needed.  If you are someone that received a stimulus check but haven’t lost a job or seen a significant drop in your income you might be willing to donate $100 or more (or less) to the Neighborhood Center for the purchase of food. In their partnership with 2nd Harvest Food Bank they are able to purchase food for much less than we can at the store. If you prefer to do something more tangible you might consider ordering food through Instacart and having it delivered to the Center. If the stores are offering buy one/get one free and you only need one donate the other to the Center. The Center is in particular need of canned meat of any kind, pasta sauce and pasta. Food can be dropped off 24 hours a day.
  2. Manna Bags Some of you are running essential errands in town and are seeing homeless people about. Many of them are the people we have seen at God’s Bathhouse and know how grateful they have been for the manna bags that we have been distributing. If you still have a manna bag in your car and see someone who needs one you can drop it off maintaining a 6 foot distance. I have met a few people at the church to give them extra manna bags. If you would like to meet me to get more bags just let me know. I can leave them outside of the mission room door if you prefer no contact.
  3. Maintain Your Pledge – Many of you are aware that our church allocates 10% of our budget to Missions. Each year after your pledges are made we commit that 10% to various organizations and causes. If the church does not receive the promised pledges then we are unable to fulfill our commitment to the Christian oriented organizations that are counting on our help more than ever. Since we are not physically attended church each Sunday it is easy for us for to forget to pay our pledge. Please realize how important this pledge is and send in a check to the church office or give on-line. Thanks to all of you who are carrying through with your commitment.

May the Peace of the Lord be with you all and keep you safe.