Our Prayer Team

We receive prayer requests verbally, on the internet and from the blue/yellow cards in the pews.  Our list is private: only the pastor and the prayer team receive the requests and updates.

  When we receive communication from the Session, the pastor or the deacons, we pray for activities in our church.  We use the weekly worship folder for prayer as well.  The church website, www.fpcdeland.org has a section for prayer.  It also contains a daily directed devotion, “Just for Today,” based upon the sermon or the seasons of the church calendar.  We count on you to let us know your personal needs or the needs of your group.   You can also request a prayer online by doing one of the following: Email the pastor OR Email the pastor AND the Prayer Team

A Prayer, Just for Today

For help in your daily devotions, you can pick or "Our Daily Bread" from the Welcome Cart or visit our online Prayer Blog.