Jane Christeson, Director of Music or



HAPPY NEW YEAR from the FPCD music folks!  We all enjoyed singing and playing the wonderful, varied music of the Advent season, of Christmas, and now with Epiphany and the New Year to come, we all have a chance to start afresh — a chance to make things better through bringing the beauty of music into our lives and sharing it with others.  The mood of the world today seems so off-kilter, so focused on self-interest, and we are often fearful of what happens in the world around us.  Worship through music gives us a chance to express ourselves in a positive way and put aside all the negativity in society that seems to be so prevalent.  Please come join us in music and fellowship in the New Year!  Thank you for the opportunity to worship with you in our Evensong.  We hope that everyone who came enjoyed it — we certainly did! We are looking ahead to a joyful 2018!