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How far are we willing to go?


2017 04 09 Isaiah 50:4-11 How far are we willing to go? Today we wave Palms and sing Hosanna’s as we acknowledge Palm Sunday and so enter into Holy Week. The theme is celebratory and euphoria, but if you take a look at the church calendar, it is not only Palm Sunday, but also Passion […]

Lost – or are we?- Series on Call #3


The Lost Church and the Lost World James 1:17-27 Rev Michael Bodger This week we enter Week 3 of our look at Called and in particular we focus on who we are as the church in this broken world. The basic premise that is postured is twofold, the church is lost, brought about by the […]

In trial, turmoil and tribulation!


In trial, turmoil and tribulation! Hebrews 2:10-18 M Bodger Well first and foremost happy societal and cultural New Year! January the First, a new year spreads itself before us, and who knows what it will bring? Yet we enter into it, as we always enter into any new year, in fact wherever we go, wherever […]

Coming, Ready or Not!


Coming, Ready or Not! Pastor Michael Bodger Matthew 24:36-44 When I was younger, so much younger than today, I was often found playing in the streets around my friend’s house in Liverpool. The streets were close together and the houses had small back gardens and many of them had alleyways between the gardens of the […]

What are we waiting for?


October 30, 2016 What are we waiting for? Habakkuk 1:1-4 and 2:1-4 Rev. Michael Bodger For the past three weeks we have been journeying with the Prophets Jeremiah and Joel and hearing what it is they have been saying to us from the distant past, as they prophesized to the people of their day. We […]