This ministry will begin when our volunteer list reaches 30 people.

The Meals Matter Ministry will provide meals to FPCD members and friends who are facing difficult circumstances such as a hospital stay or death in the family.

 Our team of volunteers will be equally blessed by the opportunity to serve.

How can you become a mmm... Volunteer?  Call or e-mail Barbara Hughes or Alice Foerster and your name will be added to the volunteer team.

Team members will rotate alphabetically on a weekly basis and volunteers of the week will be  printed in the bulletin each Sunday.  As difficult circumstances come to Barbara’s or Alice’s attention, a phone call and/or email (including contact information and dietary restrictions for the receiving family) will be sent to the volunteers of the week.  The volunteers are responsible for making contact and delivery arrangements with the receiving family.

Sign-up today by calling the Church Office (386.734-6212)