Just for Today

Spiritual gifts are given to Build up the Body of Christ – The Church.

All that I know now is patial and incomplete, but then I will know everything complete – Just as God knows me now.  three things endure -  Faith, Hope, Love and the greates of these is  Love.  I Corinthians 13:12b-13 (Living)

No one has all the answers!  Paul writing to the church at Corinth in 55 AD or anyone studying the Scriptures in 2020, recognizes the world continues to be corrupt and immoral!  Believers are to be different!!  The Gifts of Faith-Hope-Love came directly from the Holy Spirit.  When Believers are uncertain – we are to turn to what endures Faith -Hope-Love!!

“Just for Today”

  • Love is an Action!!  When we Love God.  He gives us Love for one another.
  • During these uncertain times, small acts of kindness become very important.  A phone call, a text or a card can change a life!
  • Pray to be living in all your attitudes and action – Today