Just for Today

You love Jesus even though you have never seen Him.  Even though you have not seen him  you trust Him; even now you are happy with a glorious inexpressible Joy.  Your reward for trusting him will be salvation of your soul.  I Peter 1:8-9 (Living)

Some of the churches receiving Peter’s letters were started by Jews who were in Jerusalem for Pentecost.  Many believers had Never seen Jesus.  They had heard about Him  and believe that he was the Son of God who died for their sins.  We are 21st century Christians, are to trust Him completely – Day by Day.  Our faith is based on Christ Alone.

“Just for today”

  • Peter was one of the 12 disciples chosen by Jesus to carry the message of salvation to all the known world.
  • Reflect on the time (AD 62-64) and the methods of communication
  • This letter was relevant to early church  and to our church – Today.