Just for Today

God in His Mighty Power, will protect you until you receive His Salvation, you are trusting  Him . It will be revealed on the last day for all to see.    I Peter 1:5 (Paraphrase)

God’s Promises to His people remain today.  As we are in the middle of this Covid 19 pandemic, we pray for God’s protection – not just for ourselves but for all people!  God is all powerful!  Our calling is to pray and to remain faithful.

We are often shy to speak to others about salvation.  We are to pray for others and to trust God for the out come of Today.

“Just for today”

  • Continue to pray for salvation for 5 people .
  • Pray for protection for family, friends, and anyone who comes to mind.
  • Ask God to direct your Thoughts and Actions today.  Rely on God’s Power for Direction and Protection