Just for Today

Now God has shown us a different way of being right in His sight – Not by obeying The Law, but by the way promised in the Scripture long ago.  We are made right when we trust in Jesus Christ to take away our sins – and we can all be saved in this same way,  No matter who we are  or what we have done.  Romans 2:21-22 (Living)

Lent is a time of Bible Study,  Prayer, and meditation.  All of these are solitary pursuits.  “Social distancing” gives us time alone – We can sit and worry (or watch the news and worry more) or we can turn to God!!

“Just for Today”

  • There is Good  News when we turn t God.  He is waiting for us – 24/7.
  • “Being Right in God’s sight depends upon His mercy8 – and His great love for us.!!  Salvation is a gift to all who turn to Jesus. Thanks be to God.