Just for Today

It seems that media and social networking all contain suggestions of How to Spend your time in isolation.  Following our reminders that Lent is a time to  practice Spiritual disciplines, I suggest you read a Book or the Bible!!  I have chosen “Romans” written by Paul early ,  57AD from Corinth to the church in Rome.

This letter is form Paul, Jesus Christ’s slave chosen by God to be an apostle and sent out to preach the Good News.  Romans 1:1 (Living)

What does it mean to b chosen??  What has God chosen you to do today??

“Just for Today”

  • When God calls us, He equips us.  God has something special for you to do Today
  • Some suggestions:  Pray for your neighbors by name.  Pray for Michael and Elaine.
  • Use you Shelby Next to make a phone call or write a note.