Just for Today

Read Psalm 81

“But oh, that my people would listen to me!  Oh that Israel would follow me, walking in my paths!”  Psalm  81:13 (Living)  “I would feed you with the best of foods.  I would satisfy you with wild honey from the Rock,”  Psalm 81:16 (Living)

God’s covenant with Israel:  “I will be your God, and you will be my people.”

God had promised a land flowing with milk and honey.  Only the best for God’s people!

Living by  God’s Rules in 2020 is  not an option – I’t is a necessary!

“Just for Today”

  • Use this “Social isolation” during Lent to evaluate your attitudes and activities.
  • Do you listen to God’s voice?  Do you read the Bible and pray?
  • Use Shelby Next to pray for our congregation