Just for Today

Read all of Psalm 81.  this is a hymn celebrating the Exodus from Egypt into the Promised Land.

I heard an unknown voice that said, “Now I will releave your shoulder of its burden; I well free your hands from their heavy task.  You cried to me in trouble and I saved you.   Psalm 81:5b- 7a (Living)

God freed the Children of Israel from their burdens in Egypt and helped them in their struggle.   God saved them and took them into  The Promised Land.

“Just for Today”

  • Do you know the phrase “foxhole Christians.”  How many of us have prayed to be saved from the Coronavirus?
  • Focus on the Goodness of God – And be specific in your Thanksgiving to Him.
  • Continue to reach out in someway to anyone you know who has a Heavy Burden.