Just for Today

Your attitude should be the as Christ Jesus had.  Philippians  2:5 (Living)

This would be The Good News in a “nutshell.”  We are to be transformed by His Love for  use!!  We are to become “Christ Like” is all of life.  What a challenge!  We are not “Me First” people.  We are “what can I do to Help” people.  This time apart because of the Coronavirus gives us opportunities to evaluate our goals and our priorities ?  As a church it is not the Biggest Life Enrichment Center or The most people in a worship service

When we say we are “Christ Followers.” we become change people!!

“Just for Today”

  • Sit quietly in God’s presence.  Do your  attitudes and actions show compassion and humility?
  • Ask for Christ’s transforming presence to touch your life.
  • “God be in my mouth and in my speaking.”  Sarain Prayer