Just for Today

We will only be happy in our reading of the Bible when we dare to approach it as the means by which God really speaks to us,  The God who loves  us and will not leave us with out questions unanswered.   Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The Bible gives us comfort in times of need!!  Read a Psalm to relax – They contain praise and thanksgiving.  They show God’s compassion to his people.  the psalms speak of the Human condition – if there is evil, ther is good,  When we sin, God is waiting to forgive us and to restore our relationship with Him \,  God does judge his people when we stray from him but when we are forgiven, we go back on the path of His will.

“Just for Today”

  • Continue to use these days when we are set apart from “Normal” life to study God’s Word.
  • Keep your Bible by your chair.  Turn off the TV and let the reports of the Coronavirus be set aside – think about God.
  • “God be in my mouth and in my Speaking”