Just for Today

God Reveals himself in the Bible.  Paul preaches in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.

“He is the God who made the worl and everything in it.  Since He is Lord of Heaven and Earth, he does not live in man-made building, human hands cannot meet His needs- for God has no needs.  He gives life and breath to everything and satisfies every need there is”   Act 17:24-25 (Paraphrase)

God is every where!!  During a time of international Crisis, God is present.  He directs those who faithfully turn to Him for direction and protection.

“Just for Today”

  • Do not fear tomorrow.  God is already there
  • God created you in His image!!  When we study the Scripture, it is like a letter written Just for us.  Today!!
  • God is sovereign that means that He is in control.  Take a deep breath – Relax.
  • Let the creator of the universe direct your steps.