Just for Today

I did this so that you might trust the Power of God rather that Human Wisdom.  I  Corinthians 2:5 (Living)

Last Verse: The Mind of Christ.   God reveal his plans for us day by day.  We are to trust Him for this 24 hour period.  We are to pray for one another and to engage in prayer and Bible study.  We are to pray before we plan!!

Paul reminds us in all of his letters that God has a plan for each of us – individually and corporately.  Human wisdom can only go so far – But God through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit goes all the way!!  Michael told the story of the illiterate Salesman who made the First million Dollar sale for his company.

“Just for Today”

  • When we concentrate on Jesus Christ and his sacrificial death on th cross, we are renewed day by day.
  • Our trust in Jesus is for ourselves and those we love as well as our world that is  broken and divided.
  • Use the Worship folder to pray for the activities at First Presbyterian DeLand