Just for Today

My message and my preaching were very plain. I did not use wise and persuasive speeches. but the Holy Spirit was powerful among you.  I did tis so you might trust the power of God rather than that of Human Wisdom.  I Corinthians 1:4-5 (Living)

Michael explained the concept of God in 3 person, The Trinity:  God is Father, God is Son , God is Holy Spirit

The power of the Holy Spirit prepares folks for Salvation!!  Our role is to pray for one another and to be able to tell our own story  No Big Speeches   Just Plain talk.

“Just for Today”

  • Do you pray faithfully for some one who dose not know Jesus?
  • Are you ready tell you own story of Salvation?
  • Pray for Michael to depend upon the Holy  Spirit as he prepares to preach ad to teach.