Just for Today

Read I Corinthians 13 several times during the day.

Love is the most important spiritual gift.  During Advent. we light candles of Hope * Peace * Joy* Love*.  The Christ candle is white.  Jesus Love us is pure and unchanging.

As we move toward Lent, e are aware the Baby in the manger becomes The Savior of the World.  Christ loves us enough to die for us on the cross.

We are to love one another “in the name of Jesus”.

“Just for Today”

  • Love is a Spiritual gift.  Acknowledge God’s Love for you – personally through Jesus Christ.
  • Love shows us how to Love one another.  Love guides our choices and our actions.
  • We have Hope* Peace* Joy* because of God’s  Love through Jesus Christ.
  • Read I Corinthians 13 one more time.