Just for Today

Matthew 25:21a  The Master was full of praise.  “Well done my good and faithful servant

In the New Testament Jesus teaches in parables.  This parables of the servants is about folks who were given money to work tor  the Master:  Jesus gives us time, treasure, and talent to work for Him.  We are to be faithful as we carry out our calling.  When we are Faithful His praise comes in our direction!!

How do you serve Jesus Today??

“Just for Today”

  • Do you know your calling?  Ask Jesus to equip you to do His work.
  • During this season of Thanksgiving, remember the agencies who serve those who are Neady  –  Salvation Army, Neighborhood Center, and   our own “God”s Bathhouse on Saturday.
  • Jesus is our Master.   We are to carry our out calling Faith fulling.