Just for Today

Acts of the Apostles was written by Luke.  It is the story of the early Christian Church.  It connects The Gospels:  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to the New testament.

The unique feature of Acts (written<3-70 AD> is the coming of the Holy Spirit.  Acts 2 tells the story of Pentecost: 50 days after the resurrection and 10 days  after the ascension.

On the day of Pentecost seven weeks after the resurrection the believers were meeting together  in one place.

Acts 2:1 (Living)

“Just for Today”

  • When Jesus said “Follow me” )John 21:19) he promised to equip his disciples.
  • All believers depend upon the Holy Spirit for direction, protection, power and peace.
  • Spend some time thinking about the action of the Holy Spirit in you life.