Just for Today

Later Jesus appeared again to His disciples beside the Sea of Galilee.  This is how it happened.  John 21:1 (Living)

The times that Jesus appeared to his disciples after the resurrection and before Pentecost were Miracles.  This time he appeared to seven disciples:  Peter, Thomas, Nathanael, James, John and two others.

The story of fishing appears in John 21:3-10 and Luke 5:1-11.  The passage in luke is before the crucifixion.  The “fishers of men” story is part of the story of Jesus.

Simon Peter dragged the net to shore and there were 153 large fish, but the net did not break.  John 21:11 (paraphrase)

“Just for Today”

  • Jesus used familiar things to tell his story.  To fisherman, he told stories about FISH!!  The catch was large 153 fish!!
  • What story would Jesus tell you?  Would it be at the Publix, the Post Office, at the place you work?
  • There are miracles all around – if you look for them.