Just for Today

Therefore, now dear friends, whom God has set apart for himself you who are chosen for Heaven I want you to think wow about this Jesus who is God’s messenger and the High Priest of our Faith.  Hebrews 3:1 (Living)

Hebrews was written to Jewish Christians.  The highest human authority was the Priest.  The message of Jesus Christ is for all who ask.  We are to turn toward Jesus.  As we journey through Lent we are to listen to the message of the New Testament.  We all have the opportunity to turn toward Jesus.  We are to respond with praise and thanksgiving.

As we study the Bible, we learn more and more about Jesus.  We are to turn to Him and ask Him for His direction and protection.

“Just for Today”

  • We are all dear friends of God through Jesus Christ.
  • We are to focus completely on God’s plans for us day by day.  Prayer and Bible study point us in God’s direction.
  • Pray daily for those in your family.  Ask God to touch them with love through Jesus Christ.
  • Each week in our worship folder there are names of those who need prayer.  Lift them to god Daily.