Just for Today

We must listen very carefully to the truths we have heard or we may drift away from them.  Hebrews 2:2 (Living)

It is easy to stray away from Bible Truths.  The world and the values of the world is ever present.  Lent is the time to regain our focus on Jesus.  We are to confess the times we drift away and return to Jesus.  Small group sharing gives us opportunity to reflect on life from the Christian Model.  The bible and prayer give us focus on what is true.

We have a confirmation class with 8 middle school students.  We have a Sunday school cless caalled “Making Connections.”  We have our small group study today at 6 PM – “Making Room for Neighbors.”

“Just for Toay”

  • What are you doing to maintain you focus on Jesus?
  • Have you drifted away?  Now is the time to return to the church and to find strength and help in time of need.
  • Isolation leads to separation.  The body of Believers at 724 North Woodland Blvd. will welcome you.  Join us for Worship at 8, 9, and 11 AM and for small groups.