Just for Today

Read all of I Corinthians 13

Three things remain:  FAITH, HOPE and LOVE.  The greatest of these is Love.  I Corinthians 13;13

People are confused about the “Real” meaning of love.  Only with God’s help can we be unselfish, kind and good.  Only with God’s help will the foundation of our Faith be based on love.  God is Love!

We are to pray for attitudes and actions that reflect God”s love.  Love is a choice/

“Just for Today”

  • “Living in Love” is our goal as individuals and as a church.
  • Pray if you need an “attitude adjustment.”  Transformation is possible with God’s help.
  • Pray for those who come at 9AM to God’s Bathhouse.
  • Pray for our student ministry:  JD and Kara Keller.  Their next activity is the community-wide yard sale.  February 23.  May all who step on our campus feel God’s love.