Just for Today

When Simon saw this – that the Holy Sspirit was given when the apostles placed their hands upon peoples’ heads He offered money to buy the power.  Acts 8:18 (Living)

You cannot “buy” the power of the Holy Spirit – neither can you “earn” it!

Peter’s response was immediate!  “Your money will perish with you!”  Acts 8:20-21 (Paraphrase)

“Just for Today”

  • On our journey as believers we have all met folks who seened to have faith and joy in service.  Reflect on someone you know who has a special relationship with God.
  • It is the “indwelling of the Holy Spirit” that sets believers apart.  He provides peace, power and protection.
  • Pray to grow in your faith and for the transformation the Holy Spirit brings.
  • Tomorrow, deacons and elders will be installed/ordained.  Part of the service is the laying of hands.  There is power in the touch.