Just for Today

Yesterday, First  Presbyterian DeLand carried out two Bible responsibilities of the church:  The ordination /installation of elders and deacons as well as the Baptism of an infant.

Both of these services are in the Bible as well as in our “Book of Order.”  There are many Bible references for both of these services.  The congregation has the responsibility to pray for leaders as well as prayer for those baptized in our congregation.

One scripture reference is I Timothy 3:1-5.  Read this passage several times.

“Just for Today”

  • The early church had only men as leaders.  PCUSA has men and woman as leaders.  Keep your worship folder and First Pres (pp 4-5) to see the elders at First Presbyterian DeLand.
  • Pray by name for our elders.
  • Pray each person is aware of their leadership responsibilities.
  • Pray also for Walker Edward Costin Baptized at 9AM.