Just for Today

The field is the world, and the Good seed stands for the sins of the Kingdom.  The weeds are the sins of the Evil One, ad the enemy who sends them is the Devil.  Matthew 13:39-39a.

God has allowed Good vs. Evil to exist since Bible times.  When I grew up we called the choice we must make “Free Will” – We must make the choice to be Kingdom People.  Our Vacation Bible School taught the children characteristics of Kingdom People!

Heart * Courage * Wisdom * Hope * Power *

All come from god!!  “The Good Seed stands for the Children of the kingdom.

“Just for Today”

  • Continue to read the passages about the Wheat and the Weeds.
  • God’s leadership comes in a variety of ways and a variety of people.  Listen!  Look!  Learn!
  • Pray that you choices today will lead you in the kingdom.
  • Pray also for the children and the Vacation Bible School experiences.