Just for Today

In Romans 16, Paul mentions by NAME the people he prayed for. In his final instructions he says,

“Everyone knows you are obedient to the Lord.  This makes me very happy.  I want you to see clearly what is right and to stay innocent  of my wrong.”  Romans 16:19 (Living)

god wants us to be obedient to His way of living,  Moral behavior is often considered “Old Fashioned”.  Right is Right!  Wrong is wrong!  When I pray for my grandchildren, I pray for “Protection and Direction”.

Innocence and purity are not 21st century values.  How do you pray for those you love?

“Just for Today”

  • The Corona Virus has made us recognize The World is part of a global community.  China, Spain, Italy are part of our prayers.
  • We  must pray for Missionaries who live abroad.