Puerto Rico has undergone two monstrous hurricanes in a the last few week. First there was Irma which was followed by Hurricane Maria this past week.  The island colony of the United States has been shredded with apocalyptic daily realities since the storm went through.  All power on the island is down, everywhere.  Phone towers are destroyed whereby people there cannot communicate with loved-ones to tell whether they are safe or not.  We have members of our congregation who still have not been able to reach relatives there yet! The people are in a desperate way and it is fast approaching to be a major humanitarian crisis.  One of our sister churches in Central Florida Presbytery, El Redentor Presbyterian Church in Orlando, is spearheading collections of needed items to be received and then sent to the island through existing channels they have established. The Session approved to set up a collection point here at First Pres for items for Puerto Rico.  A list of requested items is below. Please stick to the list provided and do not assume what the folks on the island need; this list is their request.  We will have a trailer in the parking lot for you to come by and deposit what you can.  Drop-off days and time are during normal church office hours, Monday through Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, unless there is an event going on after hours.  We will continue collections as long as they are requested by our Puerto Rican brothers and sisters.

Let’s make a difference, Church!

 The Collection Items for the victims of Hurricane Maria are the following:

Medical Supplies (needles, etc.)

Baby Formula Baby Wipes 

Diapers (extra-large and any baby size)

Bed Sheets First Aid Kit      

Children/Adult Pajamas (male/female)

Tent or Awning Drinking Water  

General Medicine (ibuprofen, antibiotics, insulin) 

Non-Perishable Can Foods               

Personal Hygiene (soap, deodorant, tooth paste)

Disposable Plates, Cups, Cutlery              

Sleeping Bags