Family Renew

Time to Ready Apartment #4 for a New Family!

 Look for BOGOs and great deals!

 Call Lynn Blackmon, if you have elbow grease to donate!!


Great News!!!  But. . .

 The family  living in “our” Family Renew apartment is successfully graduating!  Thanks to you and the opportunity to live rent-free, the mom has been able to save enough since mid-September to secure a three bedroom home on her own.  We wish her sweet family God-speed!

Beginning April 3rd, a group from 1st Pres will be turning the apartment around for a new family.  We are likely to have needs that we do not now know…  but for certain we will need the following.  If you can help, please place all items  in the green basket in the church office:

  • Liquid hand soap, bath gel, dishwashing detergent
  • Bath, hand, and face towels (brown and khaki)
  • Shower curtain liner and shower mat
  • Laundry detergent; fabric softener
  • Child and adult-sized toothbrushes; tooth paste
  • Grocery store gift cards for fresh food items
  • Pantry staples: i.e. salt, pepper, sugar, flour, cereal, paper towels, boxed macaroni/cheese, coffee, etc.
  • 10 standard sized pillows

The colors we have been given to work with are browns and beiges and golds and orange.  Solid colors work best.  Many, many thanks!