Family Renew

Agency –wide  Prayer List

 For a father struggling to find full time employment For a mother with serious dental issues For several mothers with significant past abuse issues

Apartment Update

The family currently living in “our” First Pres

Apartment #4 has been in residence since mid-May. . .and their numbers keep growing!  Originally there was a mom, dad, and three children: six, seven, and sixteen-years old.  Now, an eleven year-old sister of the mom has moved in.... and the 16-year old just delivered a new little one!  Please continue to pray for these good folks…  It’s an apartment full!

Volunteer Needs

Linda Bennett, the case manager in the DeLand complex, could use some office support. . several hours of answering phones, taking messages, etc.  If this sounds like a ministry that could fit your skills. . .call her at 736-0500.