SUMMER sandy-escontrias2017

Taking Stock for Third-Age Development/Discipleship
DATES: June 1, 15; July 6, 20; August 3, 17; Sept. 7, 21; Oct. 5, 19

Time: 10:00-11:30 am

There are several times in life when it is advantageous to take stock of where one has been and where one intends to go. The first is at some point in  early adulthood: What do I want to be? Where should I go? With whom should I go? While there are other points of discernment along the way, most people find when they reach their sixties they begin to wonder what life has been about and what is left for them. If we truly believe that God has been active in our lives, what is it that he has done? How have you or I been shaped in a way that is unique? What did God intend for our uniqueness? And how does this point to where we should go and what we should do for the future? Does God really have a plan for how we should spend our senior years, or is it just all downhill as the black balloons and over-the-hill cards intimate?

This Autumns Saints study calls us to discern God’s work in our lives, discover our uniqueness, and help us to plot the difficult steps that move from doing to being in a world that continually asks the question “What do you do?” Using interactive activities, we look back at our families, schooling, our jobs and

vocations, parenting, and communities to see how each formed us into the people we are. Are you ready for an adventure that connects you with your past, embraces your future, and deepens friendship with others in the class? Then please join us. To register, call Sandy Escontrias or the church office.