Care and Concern - if you see these words, you are part of the team.  This is a new “organization” at the session level to help insure that we are looking out for each other as family at First Presbyterian Church, DeLand.  Certain tasks have people assigned to them, but loving each other is Jesus' commandment for all of us. The Deacons systematically visit shut-ins, help with home communion, send cards, deliver the flowers from Sunday worship and host receptions after funerals, the church wide picnic, the over 90's celebration and fellowship after church on Sunday.  Jean West is the moderator of our Deacons and can help you get in touch with the right person to help with any of these ministries.  It certainly takes more than a few people to accomplish so much. Stephen Ministers have been commissioned and will be “privately walking alongside” those who have suffered loss or illness that is too much to bear alone.  If you think a Stephen Minister might be just what you need or if it sounds like the ministry where you would like to serve, be in touch with Michael Bodger ( Learn more about Stephen Ministry. Prayer Ministries meets in the Chapel each Sunday morning at 9:30 to hold our church, its ministries, and people up to God in prayer.  You may join them or speak with Bonnie Bailey about how to be in prayer yourself.  We ask that you “pray the church directory” lifting up each family (and maybe helping us to recognize one another better).  If you would like prayers, there are blue cards in the pew to make a request. Bonnie also provides an Online Prayer Ministry. A daily prayer, "Just for Today", is tied to the sermon series and you can request prayer online that is sent to Bonnie personally. Pastors, Deacons and Elders make visits to those in the hospital and home-bound.  We can only do that when we know about the situation.  Please contact the church office (386.734-6212 or or Lynelle Tusker ( if you or a church friend would like a visit.  There are cards in the pew racks so you can get the names and numbers of the folks who sit near you and check on them when you notice you haven't seen them for a week or two, then lets us know how we can help.   CONGREGATIONAL CARE AND CONCERN Can you give an hour a month?  The CCC Team consists of busy people who don’t have time for long meetings.  We are involved in multiple ministries and other teams here at FPCD.  Please join us as a member or welcomed guest on the 2nd Monday of each month from 1-2 pm in the large conference room.  Your input, ideas, and prayers are much needed.   NEIGHBORHOOD CONNECTIONS Over the past several months the Congregational Care and Concern Team has been identifying just where we as a congregation call home when we leave our Woodland Blvd. campus.(Glenwood, Victoria Gardens, Debary, Stetson, Historical downtown, etc.) A small group has been meeting together to prayerfully consider how we can be “Shepherds” to the FPCD “flocks” in our 35 neighborhoods.  So don’t be surprised if someone you might not know (yet) greets you in the aisle during the “passing of the peace,” gives you a call or says  hello to you at the grocery store by saying something like… “Hello, I am _______, and I just found out that we live near each other.  I am so glad that we are neighbors and just wanted to introduce myself.”  If you would like to help by Adopting Your Neighborhood, contact Lynelle Tucker, Elder of the Congregational Care and Concern Team.  Look for a list  of Neighborhood Shepherds in the next First Press.   SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT Did you know that 4 out of every 10 members of FPCD are single?  Almost 200 of our congregation are widowed, divorced or single (never married).  Many go home alone after worship services; celebrate holidays alone; and feel isolated sitting alone on Sunday mornings.  It’s just “something to think about.”