Well, the plots well and truly bloomed, some to overflowing and we have learnt a few lessons from our “First Planting.”  Nonetheless, we had produce aplenty and although some were not harvested in time, most did get to be consumed, especially at the last Pot Luck, when Maria and others in the kitchen, stuffed banana peppers with a cheese mix and they were delicious.


Over the first week or so in July, we will be thinning out the plots and getting rid of those plants which are at their end or nearing their end. Although the plots provided well, one of the lessons learnt was to maybe not plant as much in each plot, and the best place for ground crops is at ground level or they will take over. The rest of the space which is at present not used will be evaluated and decisions made on what to do with them. If you have a particular plant or want to just experiment and not have a plot, we have 7 and 15 gallon planters which can house a number of plants. Just let me know and we can get them ready for you.


There are a number of wonderful documents available at The University of Florida website which help out with gardens. Thanks for pointing us in that direction, Janet Troxell.


Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide


This document makes for great reading in all aspects of maintaining a garden. It also gives a Planting Guide for Florida Vegetables which we will be consulting for our new crop rotation in the fall.


Take care and see you in the Garden……..soon.