The last weekend in March, saw the ‘planting’ of the Community Garden. It has been some 6 months in the making with a team of volunteers who have worked tirelessly. They have prepared the area, with the result that we had 15 plots awaiting owners and these are now occupied and planting and watering and growing has begun. The Community Garden has four plots allocated to Hugh Ash Manor residents, two small groups have a plot, as do the Youth, as well as family units and individuals from both inside and outside the church. The initial goal of simply getting a wide variety of individuals involved has been fully met and as we move forward we look to support a number of the Mission Outreach activities of the church with produce.

Yet the garden is so much more than just the plots. Our resident Scout Troop 550, has asked to do two Eagle Scout projects within the garden. They are even now preparing plans to create an entrance to the garden, as well as design a combination shed and greenhouse for use by the garden members. Keep a lookout as these two projects move forward over the coming months.

The desire is to have the garden area be a space for community, for gathering, for respite and peace. As plans move forward, think about ways in which the garden might be personalized from the church perspective and share them with the Garden Team. Already, we have had the request for a couple of picnic tables in the shaded area as well as benches or seating. The plot holders are being encouraged to personalize their plots and a variety of signage and ‘markers’ are now sprouting up alongside the greenery. Another idea is to have scripture placed in a variety of forms around the garden, as well as pottery. Keep sharing your ideas as we develop the space further.

Finally, get involved even if it simply means taking a walk up to and around the garden, enjoying what is there already and in so doing mingling with those who are planting and watering or others who are just enjoying the moment and sitting and talking for a while!  The space will hopefully develop into a place for togetherness and relationship, as we get closer to nature in the hustle and bustle of life.