Here are some ways you can have Children’s Church at home while we are worshiping virtually.

Mrs. Cathy is sending stories, activities and coloring sheets weekly via email to use with your children. Please contact her at, if you are not receiving them and we will add you to the list.   


On Sunday mornings, during Children’s Church, we have a practice called the Golden Bowl. Each child is given a small piece of paper and a pencil. They are asked to draw or write something or someone that they want to pray for (could be something they are thankful for or something they are worried about or just someone they love). Every child participates in their own way and the papers are placed into the Golden Bowl. The leader prays and then we all say the Lord’s Prayer together. At home, you might have a prayer bowl or basket you can use.  

Read Scripture

Before reading the lesson for the day, we light the Christ Candle. Any candle will do. We say; “We light the candle to remind us of Jesus. Jesus is the Light of the world. Lighting the candle prepares us to hear God’s word.” After reading the scripture or Bible story, ask wondering questions about what your child hears. (“I wonder what the disciples were thinking….I wonder how you would feel if you were there….I wonder how he could feed 5,000 people with only 2 fish”) Then blow out the candle and encouraging your child to watch for the smoke, it reminds us of the Holy Spirit. We may not see it but we know it is there with us always.  


Children learn best through active learning; acting out the story, playing games or participating in a science experiment to discover the Bible point. You might try using Legos to create the scene for the story or action figures to re-tell the story.


Creative responses can include drawings, journaling, building (with clay or with blocks) or making a snack that relates to the story.  

For more information, please contact Cathy Campbell at 386.734-6212 ext. 111 or