Do you love babies? Would you like an opportunity to greet visitors with young children or to meet some of the young families of our church?

Volunteers are needed for the nursery on Sunday mornings.

Our nursery is staffed with paid childcare workers but supported by volunteers who are church members. Volunteers are asked to assist on a rotating basis during one service (9:00 or 11:00) every other month.

We are also looking for additional paid child-care workers who can work in the nursery on a rotating schedule (at least once a month) Sunday mornings and some other days/evenings as needed.

Please contact Cathy Campbell in the church office for more information or to apply.


Sunday Mornings with Children

Your children are always welcome to join us for Sunday morning worship services.

Nursery is available during worship at 9:00 and at 11:00 for children 3 years old and younger if you so choose.

Worship bags can be found in the Narthex or in the hallway outside of Fellowship Hall.  Encourage your children to look for and to use the worship notes to follow along in the service. Children ages 4-8 are invited to attend Children’s Church following the Children’s Time with the Pastor. The Children’s worship leader will accompany them to Solomon’s Temple and you may pick them up following worship from the Art Room.

  Nursery is located behind the sanctuary and provides care for infants through 3-year-olds.  It is available from 8:45-12:15 every Sunday morning during worship and Sunday School.  It is staffed by paid personnel and supported by background-checked volunteers.  Nursery policies and guidelines are posted.  If you are leaving your precious little ones in our care, please make sure we have an updated information card on file in the nursery.  Nursery Coordinator: Shirley McLeod Children’s Church occurs during 9 and 11 am worship for children ages 4-8.  Children are dismissed from worship, accompanied to Solomon’s Temple, and picked up from the art room following worship.  Worship bags can be found in the Sanctuary Narthex and in the hallway outside Fellowship Hall for children remaining in worship. Children’s Sunday School:  Children in grades PK through 5th grade meet in Solomon's Temple each Sunday morning at 10:00 am and picked up from the art room at 10:45.  Classes are led by a rotating team.  The children are guided to new discoveries about who Jesus is and how He can make a difference in their lives today.  Take-home papers that correspond to the lesson for that Sunday are emailed to parents each week.  

Children in Worship this Summer

Children’s Church will be suspended for the summer beginning on June 3rd.

We welcome children of all ages to join us in the worship services. Worshiping within the faith community provides an important piece of their spiritual development. This is a time they can observe their parents and other adults in the act of worship and enjoy an opportunity to practice rituals that contribute to our identity as the family of Christ. Worship bags will be provided to equip children to create “worship art.” Worship art is anything children draw or write in response to whatever is happening in worship that day. Artist tools will be provided inside the bags so that your child can participate creatively during worship. Worship bags will be available in the hallway outside of fellowship hall, on the pews in the Narthex, and in the welcome areas.