Summertime Sundays for Children

Nursery is available for infants through 4 year olds from 8:45-12:15 every Sunday morning. Care is provided by paid personnel and supported by background checked volunteers.

There will be no Children’s Church during the summer (June 4th – August 6th.)  We welcome children of all ages to join us in the worship services. Worship bulletins will be provided inside the worship bags and at the welcome areas.

A Worship Service is Like a Soccer Game

Too often children understand worship as a long program or play which is put on by others and which they do not understand.  They see their role as being quiet, patient, and wondering if the adults are right when they say “you’ll understand it one day.”  A different vision can make a big difference.

Children can be told that a worship service is like a soccer game.  The people in the pews (including them) are the players on the field. 

childThe preachers, worship leaders, choirs and instrument players are coaches.  The people “up front” are calling in plays and directions, but it is the people in the pews who actually do the worshiping.  The challenge for children (and all worshipers) is to get in the game rather than just sit there.  For young worshipers there are four basic plays to worship:

1.    Singing– We sing songs that remind us of who God is, what God does, and who we are.  Some songs will be easy to learn and may become their favorites while others might not. Just like we prefer some plays but learn to play all the plays, we sing all the songs.

2.    Praying– We talk to God about whatever is going on in our lives and in our world.  Each of us has our own list of things to pray about each Sunday.  We also hear what other worshipers are praying about and pray with them.

3.    Listening– We listen to the reading of the Bible and what the preacher says about the Bible.  We listen for what God might be saying to us through what we hear.

4.    Thinking– We think about things that are important to us as we sing, pray and listen.


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