adult-bible-studyAdult Sunday School



Christian Forum:  This group begins at 9:45 in the Westminster room and is guided by a group of  rotating leaders.  Topics vary each week. Newcomers are always welcome!

Logos (loh-gos the Greek word meaning “the word”):  Pastor Bodger leads this class and they meet in the Eastminster room every Sunday morning. They are currently studying the book of Ephesians.

Open Door:  Fred Blackmon is the leader of this class that meets in room 11B. They are currently studying the book of Proverbs.  Come and visit and join the discussion!

Serendipity:  This class is currently studying the book of Matthew. Frank Wilson is the leader and they meet in the Middle Conference room of the Ministries Building.

The Hands and Feet Class: God has called us, His church, to be the hands and feet of Jesus to take His justice and mercy into the world, to minister to the lost, the poor and the broken. What are  some ways in which we can answer this call? Come explore with us what this means through study, discussion and hands-on good works. This group meets in room 11A and welcomes guests and new members. Contact Mary Hoffmann ( if you would like more information.


Study Fellowship Prayer Service

The intention of gathering together is that by journeying intentionally with one another, we become more Christ-like in our daily lives.

There are currently 12 small groups from our church family that meet regularly – some meet on the church campus and others meet in homes or in the community . Recommended size for small groups is 8-12 people – as these groups grow, new ones can form.

If you are interested in joining an existing group or beginning a new small group to study the Bible, to grow spiritually in relationship with others, to pray with and for others, and to be in service to  others, please contact Cathy Campbell.


FPCD Small Groups Looking for New Members

Tuesday Morning Men’s Group

This group of men meets each Tuesday morning at 7:30 in the Fellowship Hall for breakfast, fellowship and studying the Word. It is an open group and all are welcome. They are currently studying the book of Ezekiel.  Paul Jones is the contact person.




The Circles of Presbyterian Women (PW) meet during the third week of every month on various days and at various places. Please check the church calendar or call any of the circle leaders for information. Please look at our PW page at this website for details.
FPCD’s Men’s Bible Study Group for men:
      • On Tuesday, Men gather for breakfast, fellowship and Bible Study from 7:00 to 8:30 am in the Fellowship Hall.

We are also proud to host the local Men’s Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) on Monday evenings (generally following the Volusia County School Year calendar).  From 6:30 to 9:00 in the Sanctuary and break-out groups all over our campus.  You can check the dates on the church calendar at this website to see if they are meeting on specific dates.

bsf 9-21-15 (1)

Men’s Bible Study Fellowship – Monday evenings at 6:30 in the Sanctuary


sandy-escontriasBEREANS’ SCHEDULE


Taking Stock for Third-Age Development/Discipleship
DATES: June 1, 15; July 6, 20; August 3, 17; Sept. 7, 21; Oct. 5, 19

Time: 10:00-11:30 am

There are several times in life when it is advantageous to take stock of where one has been and where one intends to go. The first is at some point in  early adulthood: What do I want to be? Where should I go? With whom should I go? While there are other points of discernment along the way, most people find when they reach their sixties they begin to wonder what life has been about and what is left for them. If we truly believe that God has been active in our lives, what is it that he has done? How have you or I been shaped in a way that is unique? What did God intend for our uniqueness? And how does this point to where we should go and what we should do for the future? Does God really have a plan for how we should spend our senior years, or is it just all downhill as the black balloons and over-the-hill cards intimate?

This Autumns Saints study calls us to discern God’s work in our lives, discover our uniqueness, and help us to plot the difficult steps that move from doing to being in a world that continually asks the question “What do you do?” Using enjoyable interactive activities, we look back at our families, schooling, our jobs and vocations, parenting, and communities to see how each formed us into the people we are. Are you ready for an adventure that connects you with your past, embraces your future, and deepens your knowledge and friendship with others in the class? Then please join us. To register, call Sandy Escontrias or the church office.


wedA 6-week study led by Ann Small and Donna McClellan based on a Bible study written by Eugene Peterson; Perseverance; A Long Obedience in the Same Direction.

Join us beginning June 7th at 6:30 pm in room 11B.

Email Donna McClellan ( to reserve your copy of the study guide.


Summer Small Groups

Starting a new study?

Looking to invite others?

Looking for a group to join?

Please contact Cathy Campbell in the church office or by email (