2016 02 22 Funeral Planning Master Click on the above link for the end of life planning form that Pastor Wrisley mentioned in his bulletin letter on Sunday February 21, 2016 below: Dear Family and friends of First Press, Lent is a time of preparation and one form of preparation I want you to think about if you have not done so already has to do with your own Easter Celebration. I have done an uncharacteristic four funerals over the last eleven days and our own personal Easter Celebrations are weighing heavily on me. I have been reminded of the importance for all of us to think ahead for the unexpected and plan for it. One of the items all people need to think about is an Advance Directive, also referred to as a Living Will. This is an important document that lets your family, loved ones, and physicians know about you specific desires should you become physically incapacitated and cannot make medical decisions on your own. I recently downloaded an app for my iPad from the American Bar Association that takes me through a step-by-step process for writing one. It’s available for both Apple and Droid devices and is called, My Healthcare Wishes. The other vital item is an actual will for the time when you celebrate Easter. Are your hopes and desires specifically spelled out so family members do not have to make hard choices at best or experience conflict at worst? If your financial and legal matters are not in good order, finances, houses and insurance premiums can all get tied up in Probate Court and the State of Florida will help you decide your estate. Finally, have you completed the Church’s form, “Preparing for Your Celebration Service”? This is a form I have put together after decades of walking with families through their funeral planning. This is available from the Church Office or online on the Church’s website. It helps you think through about the type of service you would like to have for yourself or a family member. I do not mean to be maudlin with this topic but if we cannot discuss the difficult issues of life in our faith community, where can we? It is also a good time to think about your personal Easter planning as we slowly make our way to Holy Week and Easter as we walk with Jesus through his passion and experience his resurrection. I hope everyone is still plugging along with your scripture reading. Keep it up! If you fall behind, do not guilt yourself but simply begin on the day you are on and keep at it. I recently downloaded the readings from Biblica and am listening to them if I can’t actually read them! Try it! Remember who you are! (You are a child of God!) Proclaim the Good News of Jesus wherever you go and be his loving hands and feet to the world! I am Your pastor and friend! Patrick